There are different inspections for different problems. In cases above ground, we go around the building to check eaves, fascia, soffit, etc. to determine what kind of animal has entered and to locate the animal’s entry point or points and come up with a solution to the problem based on the type of animal and the amount of damage that has been done. In certain cases we will inspect the attic to see if an environmental cleanup is necessary, On the ground, we inspect around porches, sheds and decks looking for any holes and burrows. This inspection process helps us to determine the best course of action for the particular location and animal.

Trapping and Removal

We always do our best to humanely trap animals with live traps and remove them from your property to natural locations. In the case that any animal is unable to survive in the wild, we will try to find a suitable alternative to make sure they are properly cared for such, as animal sanctuary, until they are able to return to the wild.

Above ground Openings

Once the animals are removed, we will use the proper materials and knowledge of a wildlife master to seal the openings so that species is unable to return by that entry point.  We can also seal other areas that could be made into entry points by animals in the future, which will be among the options given to you upon your original inspection.

Ground Level Exclusions

Once the animals are removed, we will seal the area of entry and fill it in with proper materials and knowledge of a wildlife master. The seal ensures that if the same species attempts to burrow to the same area, it will not be able to get through. Other options may be available to seal future areas that may become a problem, and will be given to you upon the original inspection.

Environmental Cleanup

Upon your request we can inspect the inside of your home to see if any environmental cleanup or even a basic cleanup is necessary.  Many animals leave behind messes. Aside from ripping apart insulation or putting holes in your home, they leave behind nesting materials, food stores and waste, and their excrements. Excrement from animals like bats, raccoons and squirrels, among others, can be hazardous to humans. We offer options to remove soiled materials, clean, vacuum and sanitize the areas. These cleanups are upon request, and an inspection is necessary to determine the cost and action to take with each particular case being different. Because these messes can be hazardous, cleanups can often be covered by homeowner’s insurance, and we do recommend contacting your insurance company to find out your coverage.


We offer one year warranties on full exclusion jobs, that will usually be the most extensive option given to you upon inspection, and the wildlife master will let you know which of your options come with the warranty. If the same species of animal within that one year time frame re-enters, we will return, remove, and re-seal at no charge to you. We also offer the option to renew the warranty at the end of the one-year period.